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St. Regis teams win applause

Regardless of what the score is, our kids are winners all the way! I would like to thank our Teams for the way they represent our school. I have been so proud of our kids: Their heart, courage, determination, and attitude as they present the very best of their ability in each game.

They are outnumbered, outsized, and up against much older teams and yet they ‘keep on keeping on’ Many of the games, the other teams have two or three times more kids and can rotate them in and out. Our kids have very few options as they only have enough for a team and a few extras. They play their heart out every time and remain good sports throughout. The coaches and managers are much appreciated: Brooks Sanford, Jesse Allan, Tim Yeager, Jennifer Pruitt, Conner Dunlap, Carter Jasper, and John Pruitt.

I want to personally thank: Madison Kelly, Baylee Pruitt, Emma Hill, Anna Sanford, Justice Tate, Krystina Thompson, Kylee Thompson, and McKenzie Stortz and the boys: Nicholas Day, Jacob Jasper, Andrew Sanford, James “JD” Booker, Ryan Teeter, Broc Wright, Ian Farris, Tanner Day, Zane Antos, and Adam Ball for all the dedication and energy they have put into their basketball practices and games. They are awesome to watch! —Nancy M. Smith, St. Regis

Group to work on road issue

A new committee in Mineral County area has been formed in an attempt to reopen the Cyr Iron Mountain road between Trout Creek and Lozeau that has been recently blocked by an illegal gate. This has been a public road for almost 100 years and no private landowner along the road has the right to close off the road.

Our committee will be meeting soon with a Montana state official who specializes in working with local groups in attempts to get public roads reopened.

If you are interested in working on this committee you can contact Diane Magone at 822-4429 for more information. —Guy C. Moats, Superior

‘Snowy Day Reflections’

It surely would be better for the human race,

If we all thought alike and the same values embrace;

Ah, the world would be happy and free of strife,

But we’d all be living dull days and a boring life;

So let’s not imagine we’re always right,

For on the truth we have no inherent copyright.

—Dick Darne, Alberton

Health-care film to be screened

The cost of health care has gotten out of hand in this country. 40 years ago it cost $600 to have a baby; now the costs have risen to nearly $9,000 for a normal delivery with no complications. 60 years ago a visit to the doctor was $10 and he took all the time he needed to treat the problem; today it’s approximately $200 for a 20 minute visit.

Insurance rates vary widely, deductibles and co-pays add up quickly, and there are still some people who cannot afford insurance, limiting them from seeking medical care when they really need it. The ACA is threatened and legislation is being proposed to reduce benefits for those on Medicare and Medicaid. And our rural hospitals are in danger of closing because of lower Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and the inability of people to pay their bills because they are uninsured.

The cost of medications has skyrocketed and prices are much higher in the US than they are in other developed countries. People are often forced to choose between taking the medications they need or putting food on their tables.

Additionally, people cannot afford dental care, eye care, and hearing aids. These are all things that improve our health and maintain our quality of life.

There ARE options and it’s time we start looking at them and working towards a system that not only treats the sick, but also works to keep people healthy. And is available to everyone.

A group of concerned Mineral County residents will be showing the documentary, “Now is the Time” around our area. This movie not only discusses how universal health care works in Canada, but also looks at how such a system could work in our country, resulting in lower costs and better services for everyone.

The first showing will be on Monday, Feb. 26, at 6:30 p.m. (after dinner) at the St. Regis Senior Center. We are hoping that by presenting the movie, that we can start a discussion here in Mineral County about ways to improve our health care system and how to make it accessible and affordable for us all. —Diane Magone, Superior

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