Montana Aussie Adventures with Erin-Jay

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I now understand the reason for 4x4 in Montana for winter… and needless to say if nothing else I can always laugh at my latest adventure.

So allow me to share my little mishap that was more of a blessing than anything else.

I went out to get a story of a truck and trailer slide-off last week on Montana 28, and I must say the road from Plains was brilliant all the way up to mile marker 13 where you head over that last crest before you hit the straight toward Hot Springs.

Well, as I got to the top of the hill and began my travel downward, I of course slowed down even further as the drifts were whistling through the hillside and the road was ice/snow covered all the way down.

Another new winter driving experience for me, so I just poked on down the hill leaving around five car lengths between me and the plow in front.

Well as I pulled in behind a Montana Highway Patrol car, a big drift pushed across and due to the icy road and the fact I don’t have experience with these winter drifts, it ended up pushing my truck just enough that my front passenger tire ended in the snow … and I was stuck.

Unfortunately for me I don’t have four-wheel drive so I ended up stuck. Just like the truck and trailer in front of me.

So what is an Aussie to do? Wait to be rescued by some great friends. As I sat in my truck, I enjoyed a laugh with our local trooper of my misfortune and patiently waited.

Though I was going super slow, and the road was extremely icy, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly drivers were passing me! Guys, slow down! I also realized that, that particular corner must see a few slip offs as it is a little sharp and the incline whether or not you are going up or down has quite a pitch to it. So remember just take your time and drive to conditions.

I also want to give a shout out to the local towing companies, these guys have been doing an awesome job all winter long. Getting out there in the weather and helping motorists like myself get out of a snow bog. I’m certain that each year they come out of the winter season with some great stories to have a chuckle with to their friends and family.

My other adventure this past week was that of trying a new sport. It is something I never thought would be on the cards for this cowgirl.

To be perfectly honest I have friends that have dabbled in this particular sport, and after putting the call out on Facebook, the consensus was to give it a go.

I’m not sure if there are any other Sanders County residents out there that are like me in the sense that they search for technical sports to take apart in.

For me my favorite thing to do is team roping! I love it, but when your short a horse, rope, cattle and an arena it can make it difficult to have a play in the practice pen. But, with the help of some friends I gave trap shooting a try.

I have to say that this was an all out new experience for me. What was even cooler was meeting some other Sanders County residents that in most cases I have walked past many times in my seven months of being here, but never had the chance to really meet.

Though talking to them about their preferred sport and getting some tips and tricks on how to shoot, it ended up being a really brilliant experience.

So if theres anyone out their that looking for a new experience or sport, think of something that is totally and completely not something you would normally do and have a go.

There are so many cool experiences that you can try, both as an individual athlete or as part of a team; you just never know what you’re searching for until you let go of the nerves and give it a fair dinkum go.

Next step I think I may try my hand a skijoring … but it might have to wait until next winter I think as I’m a little late in the season to give it a go.

Well, that’s about as much adventure as I had this past week, again you guys here just blow me away with what I get to discover on a daily basis in Montana.

I always say if nothing else, I can always provide someone with a good laugh at my own mis-fortunate adventures, so I hope I was able to do that for you this week.

Until we meet again next week Sanders County … HooRoo

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