Ghost Stories (continued)

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Last week Mrs. Hopwood’s fifth-grade class in Superior wrote up some scary ghost stories for Mineral Independent readers to enjoy this Halloween season. Some of the stories ran in the Oct. 31 issue, and here are a few more to enjoy:

Momo the Killer

By Hope Loretta Constant

One day, when I was on messenger, I was texting my best friend Koltynn. All of a sudden, a new message popped up and it was Momo the Killer with huge black eyes and she said, “I’ll kill you tonight!” I was so upset I was crying and screaming. My grandma came in the living room and saw how upset I was and closed the computer.

Momo the Killer went to a creepy killer school in Japan. Her grin stretched from cheek to cheek and her eyes were black and scary. She said she was a boy but her profile showed she was a girl which creeped me out even more and she said she loved to scare people.

I deleted her because she was making me nervous and scared but she immediately added me back.

She said, “Hello slave,” in a creepy voice.

I said, “Leave me alone!”

“No!” she replied.

I felt like Momo was going to come to my house and get me so my mom reported her and she finally stopped texting me.

I now know that Momo the Killer isn’t real and I’m so happy that I have a grin from cheek to cheek.

Home Alone

By Wade Calloway

One stormy night my mom was at work and all of a sudden, Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! I got scared so I went and locked all of the doors. Then I was closing the blinds and I saw a dark figure standing outside, I thought I was dreaming, so I slapped myself. When I looked back up, it was gone. Then I heard a noise coming from downstairs. I went to look, and all of a sudden, I felt something touching my neck. I slowly turned around and I saw ... a mutated, slimy, monster that had six eyes, and spider fangs, and sharp teeth. Then I juked him out and ran upstairs. I called my mom and told her to come home right now. She got home and I never heard or saw it again. Still to this day I wonder where it went. So every time you hear, Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! Know that he is there.

Camp Crystal Lake

By Phin Cataldo

It was dark and there was something glowing in the lake. Later that night, my cousin went down to swim in the lake. Three hours later there was blood in the lake, and I saw his head floating. And I ran and screamed. I found a cabin, ran in it, and shut the door behind me. There were knives with blood on them. There was a guy with his hand cut off and his brain was on the ground. I ran out of the house and ran down the trail. I ran down the road. Then I saw something pop out of nowhere. It was my cousin! He pranked me. So I slapped him upside down. Dang, I should never trust him again.

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