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Is it just me or have you also noticed the refreshing change in the weather, and the fall season rolling in quickly?

I feel as though I have mixed feelings about it all this year, as much as I love the coming winter and of course the snow that comes with it. I am also sad that summer is now officially over.

So now it seems that fun interaction with friends back home in Australia and converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius for them to understand how quickly the mercury drops here.

But if nothing else they do love the photos of the change of seasons, and I love taking them. Though we don’t have a change of seasons in North Queensland, I do have a secret love of preparing and changing the wardrobe and getting the house ready for all things winter.

Not to mention my top three favorite holidays are coming up. That’s right, I am on the countdown to Halloween! I am even more so looking forward to scouting out a Halloween costume for this year, but what to decide on will most likely come down to the last-minute shop, like always.

Even as an adult, I still remember getting excited as a child when it hit late September — knowing that I was about to embrace the magical season of Halloween, then Thanksgiving and lastly Christmas.

Though as a kid you never truly appreciate what your family does and the craziness they endure during that particular time.

It is stressful as an adult, especially when you are thinking about traveling, then purchases and such; as magical as it is it can also be a drain emotionally and financially.

So for all those that are gearing to start the shopping of food and presents for the little ones, and the ones that mean the most to you don’t forget to look around you a little.

Some of the biggest trends going now are “up-cycles;” to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

Although it may seem that up-cycling could be a unique way of reusing some old treasures, it can also be more affordable on the wallet and can encompass the love from your heart.

One of my favorite examples is looking for those old window frames, that you can sand back, paint and create a genuinely personable picture frame filled with amazing memories to hang on the wall.

That’s just one of so many, and though I don’t necessarily up-cycle as much as I should, I do however look for those great buys on buy, swap, sell sites. Just because I may not have the “tools,” I can add to someone else’s creation to make it my own, or something special for a friend or family member.

So as we head into the magical season as I call it, don’t forget to take a minute and look a little closer to something that could be up-cycled to give a loved one, making it even more special. As the cold weather moves in, enjoy that sunshine warmth as much as you can, and of course stay as amazing as always Sanders County.

Until next week…HooRoo

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