Montana Aussie adventures with Erin-Jay

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The count down is on … to the Fair and also for the start of the School year.

Another week of busy adventures as I’ve met more wonderful locals. But found myself finding more similarities with Montana then I would have realized.

From a handful of locals in Noxon to some amazing ladies at the Red Cross blood drive. This county has more secrets than a Game of Thrones episode.

The Northwest end of the county is more unbelievably gorgeous than I had expected. I made my way up there due the recent train derailment, and having stopped in at Noxon General Store to ask for directions, was a treat in itself.

Having gotten a little lost here and there… yes I have discovered Google maps may or may not help me in different areas of the county. I was so overwhelmed with the hospitality of that of the lady who was working, and the hand full of locals doing their shopping to help me find where I was going.

My trip ended up taking me up through Heron then back across the tracks to HWY200. Pulling out at MM5, I have to admit I thought I may have crossed into Idaho, but that would be another story.

Then I would happily say my next adventure was meeting a few lovely ladies at the Red Cross Blood Drive.

My hat truly goes off to ALL the locals that donated blood for the greater cause. It still amazes me how many lives can benefit from just one donation. I would also call all of those that donate to the drive across the county/state/country very brave.

Me I would love to have the courage to donate, however I am deathly afraid of needles. Ever since I was a child. So I do what I can where I can. I have found over time that you can help in many ways for many worthy causes. Some just take a different path.

So once again congratulations to everyone who donated on the day, thank you for the wonderful conversations as well.

Did you also know there was another really important event that happened here in Plains? It was the Fireman’s Ball! I cannot tell you how amazing it was to attend the VFW Hall and see it packed full of locals.

Believe it or not there are a lot of similarities that you will see around the world when it comes to rural fundraising events.

It kind of felt like home while I sat there and took in the auction and the crowd’s enthusiasm. It was defiantly a great turnout for our local firefighters.

This weekend at home in Townsville saw the annual Rupertswood Barrel Race Spectacular. It is a barrel-racing event that is a day full of pretty girls on fast horses and also a major fundraiser for the Rupertswood & District Horse Club. The event started many years ago, I was still in High School. My father with a few friends got together to put the initial event together. That year the club raised enough money for a new arena, as the old one was falling down. Still safe, but the old wooden fence had numbered days.

So after that year, they ended up missing a year then with the aid of some local rodeo stars, it started again. The event ran for a few years and was a wonderful fundraiser to be able to not look to members to raise much-needed funds.

It was 2012 when I had moved back to Townsville after living in Central Queensland for a few years that I felt proud to revitalize the event. That year a small group of us got together within the club and brought the event back to life. We were fortunate enough to get some amazing sponsorship and donations to have enough prize money and some awesome auction items.

We also added a kicker… we decided that we would donate a percentage of the profits to Breast Cancer research.

This was I have to say one decision that every member agreed on. That’s what I truly love, when people come together for the greater good of what they can do for others in many different ways.

I have been so fortunate to be able to have been involved in so many aspects of different charitable events. It also makes me proud to be apart of a community that values those same thoughts and accomplishments.

As we all begin counting down the days for the Fair, I am looking forward to seeing many other good deeds that will be show cased by the community for the community.

So until next week, be kind and keep a look out as you never know where I’ll end up down the road… HooRoo

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