Mineral County court report

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Jan. 19, Tasha Maria Anderson, speeding

Jan. 18, Darrell Ray Andrews, speeding

Jan. 24, Stacy Wade Baldwin, speeding

Jan. 22, Cameron Barclift, nonresident operating snowmobile without permit

Jan. 5, Michael John Barton, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Jan. 17, Naomi Sariah Bastian, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Jan. 23, Joshua Orion Benda, seatbelt violation

Jan. 18, Stacy Alice Berry, seatbelt violation

Jan. 18, David Blankenship, speeding

Jan. 23, Norman Dee Britz, speeding

Jan. 24, Mary Ellen Burrows, speeding

Jan. 9, Adam James Busby, vehicle no properly registered

Jan. 9, Adam James Busby, no car insurance

Jan. 8, Carlos Garcia Canedo, no drivers license

Jan. 8, Carlos Garcia Canedo, no insurance

Jan. 26, Skyler Wayne Cannon, speeding

Jan. 17, Joseph Michael Carey, careless driving

Jan. 8, James William Carwile, speeding

Jan. 19,Travis Lee Cassady, fail to follow conditions of special permit

Jan. 19, Darin Edward Castor, seatbelt violation

Jan. 23, Kaylinn C. Cline, speeding

Jan. 9, Heriberto Colon Fernandez, 60/70 hour rule

Jan. 8, Jason Walter Cullen, careless driving

Jan. 9, Tina Marie Davis, seatbelt violation

Jan. 9, Jhonny Dominguez Consuegra, no drivers license

Jan. 9, Ryan Marshall Duarte, speeding

Jan. 9, Kirk Alexander Elliot, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Jan. 23, Mark Owen Fagg, speeding

Jan. 24, John Ross Fairweather, speeding

Jan. 19, Emma Pierce Flynn, speeding

Jan. 21, Joe Dovanvon Forrester, speeding

Jan. 17, Brian James Frei, careless driving

Jan. 19, Paul Daniel Germano, basic rule reasonable andprudent

Jan. 26, Keith Eric Gibson, seatbelt violation

Jan. 9, James Elliott Green, careless driving

Jan. 25, Travis Alden Green, speeding

Jan. 9, Konstantin Ivan Hadjikirov, not driving reasonable and prudent

Jan. 23, Kesete Tesfamichael Hailu, false log

Jan. 9, Kevin J. Hanson, exceed 34K lbs tandem axle weight limit

Jan. 17, Matthew Elias Harris, speeding

Jan. 9, Brian Keith Hart, not driving reasonable and prudent

Jan. 23, Cody James Hart, speeding

Jan. 18, Daniel Glenn Harvey, fail to use retractable axle

Jan. 23, Rachel Danea Heinen, speeding

Jan. 22, Katie Marie Hinrichs, speeding

Jan. 24, Jaime Anne Ingram, speeding

Jan. 19, Robert E. Lee Jeffrey, driving with suspended license

Jan. 9, Derek Benjamin Klatzkin, careless driving

Jan. 9, Derek Benjamin Klatzkin, no insurance

Jan. 7, Peter Daniel Kugler, speeding

Jan. 25, Michael Ray Landeros, non-resident operating snowmobile without permit

Jan. 9, Lanette Swank Langley, no insurance

Jan. 23, Adam Daniel Laskey, speeding

Jan. 8, Shari Ellen Latting, basic rule reasonable and prudent

Jan. 9, Alexandre Gulart Lessa, false log

Jan. 6, Michael Joseph Lewis, speeding

Jan. 9, Patrick James Magrath, Jr., speeding

Jan. 10, Christopher Paul Marmorato, speeding

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