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Happy February Sanders County readers!

We are officially in the second month of the year and Iím sure the weather is playing with me a little bit as it seems a lot warmer than what it was when we clicked over into the new year just four weeks ago.

But, it still hasnít slowed me down, Iím just getting geared up for a great year ahead.

Another weekend and another Super Bowl gone by. I canít say Iím overly happy with the outcome being that my Patriots didnít secure another Lombardy trophy but congrats to all those Eagles fans out there.

Yep, itís hard to say I wonít deny that, but it could easily be seen during the game that the Philly side just wanted it more and had an amazing defense on the field.

The other enjoyable part of this yearís Super Bowl I have to admit was the halftime show with Justin Timberlake. It was way better than expected and really got you geared up for the second half of some great football.

Even if you arenít a Timberlake fan, you have to admit the man can entertain, and after that performance you really were geared up to go to one of his concerts.

Though I will put it out there that I think we need a country star to do next yearís half-time show.

Seriously, could you imagine if you had George Strait, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, or even the fabulous Reba take the stage. There are some fabulous country stars that can truly perform and get you up and on your feet.

I also have to admit this week that I am a little sad that the snow has now left. Even that little dusting that was on the ground still was enough for me.

Like I said before, snow and me go way back. I canít explain it. It could be that I spent so much time in the hot sun or that it reminds me of growing up in New England, but I just think it makes the world look so magical.

I have also heard that we are officially in the ĎI love to readí month for school kids. I have to admit I wasnít a huge reader when I was a kid. I tried reading Goosebumps but could never really get into it.

However, what I did find and love was the Saddle Club series. I still have all the books of the series back home in Australia.

I use to love going to the book store looking for the next book. I guess you can say thatís why I enjoy walking through book stores. I canít fully explain it but there is something that is really cool, looking though the thousands of book titles that you can delve yourself into.

So in saying that, why not take the kids with you to Missoula next time and stop in at Barnes and Nobles (yep a cheap seat shout out to my favorite book store).

Let the kids discover something to inspire them and take them away form the everyday world. Plus what more could a parent want than a great Starbucks treat to top it off as well.

So for me I will jump on board with the kids and look to hitting a couple more books this month as well not just delving into my Team Roping Journal formally Spin to Win. I will start punching through some American history books I have picked up as that is where I love to delve into as well as Biographies.

So why not help the kids out this month, grab a book and read along with them, you never know what you will learn and I always say Ďknowledge is powerí.

So until next week Sanders County as alwaysÖHooRoo

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