Montana Aussie Adventures with Erin-Jay

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Another fantastic week ahead here in Sanders County, and I have to say though I am consistently cold, I sure loved being introduced to the winter sports fun you have here in Montana.

Over the weekend I ventured out with some new friends and had some fun sledding in the mountains just outside of town.

From snowmobiling to my terribly awful sledding abilities, it was really fun in the snow.

Having never rode a snowmobile, that in itself was something that I truly enjoyed. I have seen them on the back of trucks since the first snow and seen clips of friends around the country have fun on them, and now I can say honestly and whole heartedly I want to go again.

What had my mind though as a few of the guys took me for a ride, was how amazing the mountains looked as we headed up some different trails.

Again, my breath was taken away with the absolute gorgeous landscape of where I am living.

Once we got back to the fire, I had a hand at sledding. Now mind you I am 34 this year and the last time I went sledding I was 10 or 11 years old back on the East Coast. So my lack of finesse made for some good laughs, and I felt the pressure of that ‘Aussie’ expectation people seem to have.

Yes, we are a wild bunch and at the end of the day we are generally the first to have a go at crazy stunts just for laughs more than anything else.

Of course there is at least one video that I shared with friends and family back home. In one sense I felt bad because I am here playing in the snow, while they are going through yet another heat wave — but at least I could give them a good laugh.

Needless to say, my weekend began with more laughs then expected and ended with a few new mates.

It’s funny in how when I was reflecting, like I tend to do before I start each new week; my mates around the country that have been to Montana are always saying they love it here, “God’s country” they say and I agree with them in every sense of the phrase. Though I am waiting for them to come back and check out my county for a visit.

Others who haven’t, I am encouraging them every time we talk! Knowing there is still plenty more to discover, why not get a few more adventures under my cap.

So thanks for another great week, fantastic weather and allowing this Aussie to feel more like a true blue local.

Until next week Sanders County…HooRoo

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