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Rebuttal to ‘strange bedfellows’

I’ve read Mr. Elliott’s articles for many years now and have rarely seen any response in the form of letters to the editor. That is unfortunate. His articles are usually regurgitated Democrat talking points with a little hometown, folksy, man of the people type spin thrown in and should have some form of rebuttal.

His latest article “Strange bedfellows” is no exception.

Jim states that “Democrats wonder why so many working people vote against their own self-interests.” He then goes on to state “The Democrats’ error is that they believe most people make rational decisions about their lives.”

The inference being suggested is that, if you’re a working class person and vote or support Republican policy, in this case tax policy, you likely don’t have the critical thinking skills required to make rational decisions.

Jim isn’t alone in this viewpoint.

This exact phrasing can be heard from liberal pundits on cable television as well as any number of liberal Democrat politicians. It is usually accompanied by references to red state voters. It’s meant to be condescending and it is, as well as insulting.

He then goes on to include an article from Politico, which he uses to draw a dubious comparison to the Reconstruction and Jim Crow period form the South to bolster his claim.

In regards to the tax-reform bill recently passed, Jim states that it “hands out billions of dollars to the wealthy and big business...”. This has been a common tactic, but it must be stated that a tax cut does not hand billions of dollars to anyone. A tax cut is allowing you to keep more of your own money. You can debate if the cuts were necessary, who should get them or how big or small they should be. But we must be honest about this basic fact: tax cuts aren’t handouts.

“What we are seeing in America today, pitting Americans against each other for political gain, is just another iteration of a cynical age old con game. It was wrong in the past, it is wrong now.”

On these last two sentences from his article, we are in complete agreement.

— Dan Rowan, Plains

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