July court hearings before Judge Halligan and Judge Deschamps

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July 10, Judge Leslie Halligan

Bench warrants were issued for Kalief Hill and Taylor Benjamin Simonson for separate offenses.

Leigh Annjean Cossey was sentenced to wear a drug monitoring patch from a Jan. 23 arrest for criminal possession of dangerous drugs, heroin and marijuana.

Status hearings were held for Tillian Jay Gonzales, Randy Scott Torrey, Brandon Charles Bricker, Zachary James Southwick, Patrick Joseph Adams, Jr., and John Michael Homiston, for separate offenses.

Heath Hotchkiss was sentenced for a July 1, 2016, criminal possession of dangerous drugs arrest for marijuana. She must attend a drug treatment program and wear a drug patch.

Omnibus hearings were held for Wayne Russell Collins and Brittany S. Surles in separate cases.

A bench warrant was issued for Blaine Daniel Barnes stemming from an April 25 criminal possession of dangerous drugs, meth, driving with a suspended license and a DUI. He was released under house arrest on May 24 and was required to wear a drug patch. There was a report of drug use and the warrant was issued for his arrest.

July 19, Judge Robert Deschamps

There was a disposition hearing for Earl James Perrine, 25, who has a history of drug use and has repeatedly violated the terms of his release. Perrine, who graduated from Alberton High School, was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and tested positive for meth on March 7.

Gary Allen Howell withdrew his guilty plea of criminal possession of a dangerous drug from a March 25, 2015 arrest for marijuana. He requested a trial scheduled for Aug. 1.

A bench warrant was issued for Jonathon Johnson, 31, for charges of being in possession of a stolen vehicle, driving with a suspended driverís license and obstruction of a peace officer on June 11, 2016. Johnson has failed to appear in court.

Sean Morgan Everly pleaded guilty to criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He was sentenced to three years will all time suspended. His charges will run consecutively to his time in Gallatin County, where he was sentenced in January for a felony offense. He is currently awaiting placement in a Department of Corrections Chemical Dependency Program.

Logan Michael Galloway was found guilty of criminal possession of dangerous drugs for marijuana on Oct. 26, 2016. He is awaiting for a review of his sentence.

Matthew Mason Lundberg pleaded guilty to a DUI and criminal possession of dangerous drugs for opiates and meth. He is awaiting his trial scheduling.

Kevin Scott Haggard, 51, is awaiting his trial scheduling for his fourth DUI offense stemming from a July 25, 2016, arrest.

Randy Scott Kelley was arrested on March 12 for criminal possession of dangerous drugs, meth, and has a hearing scheduled for Sept. 11.

Jermaine Steven Bedford was arrested Feb. 12 for criminal possession of dangerous drugs and driving with a suspended license. He also had allegedly violated the term of his release and supposedly tested positive for cocaine. The court petitioned to revoke release on his own recognizance.

Ronda Jean Pulse was arrested for her fourth DUI offense with a hearing scheduled for Sept. 27.

Jordan Christensen pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal possession of dangerous drugs on April 24. He has a trial date set for Aug. 23.

Nile Chantelle Desoto was charged on May 26 for criminal possession of dangerous drugs on May 26 for meth. He has a trial date set for Sept. 27.

Robert Ronald Haynes was arrested on June 8 for aggravated assault and tampering with a communications device and omnibus hearing was held.

On July 5 an order of protection was filed by Staci McGrew against Robert Haynes. A hearing was scheduled on July 17.

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