Radio station looks to expand content, plans pig roast

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KJFK-LP, a low frequency FM station, will host its annual pig roast and fundraiser with the initiative to raise money and community awareness, and expand its station Friday starting 4 p.m. at the Camas Recreation Center.

“We really try to develop local interest and build a sense of community because it feels like we got disconnected,” David Max, station and programming director for Hot Springs Community Radio, said. “When you look at how we used to interact a generation or two generations ago, people all used to get together. Everyone knew about each other and what was going on in their lives. People would start to get to know each other and help build more connections. Hopefully, we realize (through this medium) how we are more alike than we are different. Our station is open to anything as long as it isn’t hate speech.”

The station’s target goal is to raise a grand total of $2,000 to try to expand their current operation. Currently, the station is broadcasting out of the Camas Recreation Center.

“We really want to raise awareness about the station and there are still people in the town that don’t realize that we have a radio station,” Max said. “I’ve pretty much done the lion’s share of the work and I have started producing a show to try to generate more local content for the station.”

The station broadcast nearly 100 hours of locally produced content a week.

“Generating local content takes a lot of work to go through and I want to get the community engaged,” Max said. “I want to raise money and pay our electric bill so that we can keep the space going and the community engaged in what we are doing.”

The station got a tremendous boost from one of Montana’s most famous alumni: Phil Jackson. Jackson, who has known Paul Stelter, a board member of Hot Springs Community Awareness, a sister organization to the radio station, knew Jackson from the past, and Jackson donated $10,000 in the fall of last year.

“Thus far, we haven’t seen or heard of any funding forthcoming and our funding was crucial to stay open,” Max said. “Initially, we weren’t sure how public Mr. Jackson was about it but he said he was fine with people knowing that he made a donation.”

The food that will be served at the pig roast will be prepared by a former chef who formally trained in Cordon, France and studied at a high-end culinary school. He will prepare the pig on what is called a Caja China, a Cuban-style pig roaster, before he injects it with mojito marinade and lets it roast for eight hours. The pig will be cooked using organic practices and permaculture.

“The other thing that we will have is what every station does and that is do IDs,” Max said. “People can basically introduce the call letters. We will have a computer set up and show people how to sound. We will even show them how to do basic audio editing and how to produce local content to help them run their own shows.”

Earth Day and

Pig Roast Schedule

11 a.m.-12 p.m.: Community saunter cleaning up the streets of Hot Springs. Prizes for most garbage collected and returned to the center. Tea, coffee, and snacks will be provided.

1 p.m.- 4 p.m.: Veggie and Herb Start Trade fair and family activities including a recycling relay race, making bug hotels, seed ball, and seed art

4 p.m.-8 p.m.: Pig Roast fundraiser and Silent Auction. Listen to Wayo and Friends and record a station ID for the radio. You can hear your voiceover on 101.9.

THE PIG Roast meal will include Local sustainably raised Valhalla Pork cooked Cubayn Style in a Mojito Marinade, Lauria’s Rolls, Fries and Fixins, and ice cream Suggested donation per plate $10 adult, $5 for kids. 7 p.m. they will have a silent auction donated to support the radio stations at the Camas Recreation Center.

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